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Fountain Foundry Corp.

P.O. Box 188, Veedersburg, Indiana 47987-0188

Phone: 765-294-2244

Fax: 765-294-4027


Since 1943 

Facility List

Location: West Central Indiana - Junction of U.S. 41 & I-74

Floor Space: 77,000 square feet

Employment: 50-75 employees 

Weight Range: 1 - 500 (Pounds)


Molding Type: Hunter Automatic - 14x19, 18x20, and 20x24

(18x20 adaptable to 16x20 & 14x19)

Cope & Drag- BMM CT-6’s, SPO Rollover

Loose Molding or no-bake molding (Prototypes Only)


Melting: 2 - 3000# Inductotherm Coreless Induction Furnaces



20,000-25,000 psi (SAE 110 or G2000)

30,000-35,000 psi (SAE 111 or G3000)

40,000-45,000 psi (SAE 121 or G4000)

60-40-18, 65-45-12, 80-55-06, 100-70-03

ADI (Austempered Ductile iron)

Flask Sizes: 14x19 to 42x42

Cope & Drag Inserts 24x27, 30x38, and 42x42


Core Processes: Oil Sand, Shell, CO2, SO2, Pep-Set, Furan Warmbox

Core Machines: Shalco U-180’s, Redford 44A, 16, 22, CB-5, CB-10

BP6A, Dep 100, Carver Batch & Continuous Mixers

Laboratory Equipment: Spectrometer - Atomcomp 81, Microsocopic Analysis

Leeds & Northrup MAXILAB II, Brinell Testing

Complete Sand Laboratory, Outside laboratory for tensiles

Commercial Trucks: 10 Major Carriers with next day or second day service

Parcel Service: United Parcel Service, Federal Express, USPS

Castings Produced: Pumps, Hydraulics, Motor Ends, Gearboxes, Pulleys, Machine Tools, Agricultural and Prototypes

Cleaning Equipment: Conventional Super Tumblast Wheelabrators

Pattern Services: Complete Wood & Metal Pattern Shop

Patterns can be converted to run in gray or ductile iron at our facility

Other Services: Certifications, Painting, Machining, Surface

Grinding & Heat Treating (Outside Locations)

Non-Ferrous castings from outside sources

P.O. Box 188, Veedersburg, Indiana 47987-0188

Telephone: 765-294-2244 Fax: 765-294-4027

Since 1943

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